About Us

At Valley Active, your fitness and rehab studio, we are here to keep you moving!


Functional Rehabilitation

Our rehab specialists will help you balance your musculoskeletal system through corrective movement and exercise that may be the cause of any dysfunction. They are experienced in looking at the body as a whole unit to get you to the best state. You’ll learn about muscles you didn’t even know existed and their role in keeping you moving. Our bodies were meant to move, so let our rehab specialists get you back to moving!

Did you know that 75% of patients that complete a round of Physical Therapy do not continue their exercises at home?  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a team of professional trainers to keep you on task, set personal goals, and keep up your fitness routine? We are here for you!

Massage Therapy

Massage has been clinically proven to help reduce back and joint pain. Our massage therapists, Luci, has years of experience in her hands and has worked with a wide range of conditions.

Nutritional Counseling

Our Dietitian will provide you with strategies to help you live a healthy life. Tony will give you the counseling you need, no matter if its Medical Nutrition Therapy for disease states or just for wellness, weight loss, or even healthy weight gain. As a Registered Dietitian,  he uses evidence based practice and his philosophy is that no food should be labeled as a “bad food”.  Tony will help you make food choices based on foods that you enjoy. Together, you and Tony will go over calorie and nutrient needs as well as strategies to push through barriers that will help you live your best life.



Personalized Programs
Whether your goal is to get off the couch or run a marathon, our team approach will assess your personal goals and to create a tailored plan for you and to keep you moving.

Our Team
Our team of specialists – Exercise Physiologist, Functional Rehab Specialist, Registered Dietitian, and Massage Therapist – will give you a professional athlete’s quality of care, tracking your rehab progress and continually updating your training regimen.

Affordable, Effective Care
Our goal is to get you active, not break your bank.  At Valley Active, our accessibly priced packages get you back on track quickly.

Beautiful Relaxed Environment
Our newly renovated facilities offer a pleasurable experience for your rehabilitation. Leave your stress at the door!