Shoulder/elbow/wrist pain every time you move?? Missing out on the joys of full elbow extension?

The musculotendinous junction (referring to the muscles and tendons) can get stretched tight like a rubber band, locking down and eliminating the last 10+ degrees of extension, so now your arms move like a T-Rex. All of the connective tissue surrounding the elbow laminates to the bone and the only way to recover the missing range of motion is by rolling the shoulder joint internally, which destabilizes the joint capsule, making the glenohumeral joint as functional as a bartender waitress at an AA meeting. The head of the humerus hangs out at the front of the joint like that cherry picker in line at the airport, which grinds and impinges the shoulder (think Rice Krispies mascots: Snap, Crackle, Pop). The insertion of the tricep gets tacked down like a roofing shingle, and the horsepower generated in the shoulder ends up dumping before it even gets to move weight in your hand.

The answer to a complex issue like this is to train the wrist, elbow, and shoulder to operate properly while under load. Through a combination of myofascial release (therapy to allow muscle and fascia to slide over each other) and functional rehab, your pain will be done like Boston College at last Saturday’s football game against VT. Make an appointment at Valley Active and let’s get started!