Understanding Muscle Pain – Science to Laymen

Muscle pain can appear in different forms, for different reasons. Some pain is not a bad thing; lactic acid build up in the muscles after an excellent workout feels like soreness. However, if you have not worked out or had a traumatic injury, why do your muscles hurt?

Your muscles are highly reactive to stimuli. If you lift heavy weights, they will get bigger. If you walk or run miles every day, they will become more efficient. If your posture is poor and weak, your muscles will tighten up and pull on your skeleton. Trust me, this hurts a lot.

Muscles tighten up because your nervous system perceives a threat. Poor posture causes the wrong muscles to contract and hold tension. It doesn’t sound like it, but this is pretty threatening to your muscle integrity. Do this frequently enough for long enough and BAM, your lower back hurts and your hamstrings stiffen up like a soldier on parade. Poor posture can also mean your muscles aren’t getting adequate blood supply, further reinforcing the nervous system that YES, THIS MUSCLE MUST REMAIN TIGHT! How do we treat tight muscles causing pain? We shift into reverse and hit the gas.

A combination of learning new ways of movement, myofascial release, targeted¬†stretches, and an exercise regime promoting good posture and strength, and BOOM. Healthy mechanics restored, pain is gone, and you’re moving better than a 5-year-old on Halloween.

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